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    We believe in getting the job done right the first time. Sure, we like to solve problems, what company doesn't? But while we are on site we also like to point out future potential problems so they can be addressed before they become major expenses. For example, we might find a bad outdoor fan motor due to over heating, but instead of just replacing the motor and leaving, we will also recommend a thorough cleaning of the outdoor unit so the problem won't happen again.

  • Our History

    How We Began - In 1991 Steve Wiggins began his HAVC career in Sanger, TX. As a recent graduate of The University of North Texas, he knew this type of work was his calling. He gained valuable experience working for established companies in and around the Denton area. After the mandatory 3 year field experience period required by the State of Texas, he passed his contractor's Class A exam which gave him the license to contract with the general public and Quality Air Care was born. In the first few years of business Steve continued working for other HVAC contractors, the Lewisville I.S.D., and relocated to the Waco area where he worked for TSTC in the Maintenance Dept. repairing commercial and residential AC systems. Buildilng a strong customer base, and establishing on-going relationships are most important to the success of Quality Air Care.

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Meet Our Awesome Team!


Steve Wiggins

Steve Wiggins is the sole operator of Quality Air Care. He is mainly assisted by his wife Sarah Wiggins. When the situation calls for it, Steve has several sub contractors at his disposal he can call on for larger jobs.


Sarah Wiggins

Sarah works full time as a labor & delivery nurse at Hillcrest Hospital. She has worked there for 30 years. Sarah enjoys getting to ride along on service calls and getting to meet new people. She also keeps Steve organized with parts inventory and bookkeeping tasks.

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